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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Sep 8, 2010 7:26am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Ever changing fanbase of the DEAD...?

When you are a youngster, the rockers are the ones that stick with you , they get your attention . Some people never get beyond that . The first time I saw them ( 10/14/76) it was the 'Around" that got me , not the long "Dancin>Wharf Rat ( my buddy fell asleep )! The next concert (2/26/77), I was impressed with the 'US Blues, and the short Weir tunes, not the 'Playing>Wheel>Playing', or the 'Help>Slip>Frank' ... what a dumbshit ... didn't even know I had heard a 'Help>Slip' till I got the tape !
I will say I was intrigued by this band that did not play what you expected ( no "Truckin', Casey Jones ), while most of the other bands I saw, you could guess pretty much what song was going to end the show, and what the encore would then be . These guys were not playing by the rules . They always had a little "play to the audience' , I mean they ARE a Rock&Roll band ; but if you stuck with them, you got the longer , more involved, subtle stuff . I think this worked in their favor, in the long run ... look at all of us !
As for being "dumbstruck", how I wish that happened more often ! I think the latter,"party over everything else" factor, made it difficult to listen to the more introspective parts of the Dead's music . This was more a factor later on, and is shockingly so now, but you still hear noisy clueless, audiences back in the "good old days " also, just not as much .